Peace, Justice, & Human Rights Initiative (PJHR)

As of July 1, 2020, I am the Director of Florida Atlantic University’s Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Initiative (PJHR). Prior to becoming Director, I was a Faculty Affiliate and an inaugural Faculty Fellow (2014-2016) with PJHR since its inception in 2014.

As articulated in the University Strategic Plan, PJHR’s mission is to work toward “developing and sharing the best practices for promoting tolerance and understanding of diverse cultures.” One of nine University-level platforms, PJHR offers a unique multidisciplinary framework operating across the university to invite engagement by all members of the university community and our external partners in research, scholarship, creative activities, and applied practices that realize a more just and peaceful world. 

Please go to the PJHR website for information on PJHR initiatives, funding opportunities, events, student certificates, etc. You can access the PJHR website here.

For the June 2020 FAU announcement of my appointment to the PJHR Director position, click here.

To read the FAU College of Arts & Letters “Research Thursdays” feature of my research and appointment to PJHR Director from June 25, 2020, please click below.